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The Development of Metals

Metals is a open-source project that drew inspiration from various places including previous LSP servers, other ecosystems, and fresh ideas of the time. Metals has also been graciously given developer time and focus from organizations like The Scala Center where the project originated and also companies like Virtus Lab that now lead the effort in the development and maintenance of the project.

The Team

While Metals has had many community contributors, here are the past and present maintainers of the project.

The current maintainers (people who can merge pull requests) are:

Past maintainers:

Previous LSP work

Huge thanks to @dragos for his work on a Scala implementation of the LSP (see: This project helped us get quickly started with LSP. Since then, we have refactored the project's original sources to the point where only a few simple case classes remain.

Company Sponsorships

Metals is developed by the Scala Center in conjunction with various companies from the past and preset. The following companies have contributed significant developer time to the project.


In the past: