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Bloop is a compile server for Scala that works with sbt and has support for other build tools like Maven, Gradle, Mill, Fury and Seed. If your workspace contains a .bloop/ directory with Bloop JSON files then Metals will automatically connect to it.

To manually tell Metals to connect with Bloop, run the "Connect to build server" (id: build.connect) command. In VS Code, open the "Command palette" (Cmd + Shift + P) and search "connect to build server".

Import connect to build server command

In case of any issues, it's also possible to restart a running Bloop server using the Restart Bloop server command (id: build-restart).

Installing Bloop CLI

To compile, test and run from your terminal install the bloop command-line interface with the instructions here:

Customizing build import

Consult the Bloop docs for customizing build import for sbt:

  • Enable IntegrationTest and other custom configurations
  • Speed up build import
  • Enable sbt project references (source dependencies)
  • Export main class