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Scala language server with rich IDE features

Get started

Simple installation

Open a directory, import your build and start coding.

Accurate diagnostics

Compile on file save and see errors from the build tool directly inside the editor. No more switching focus to the console.

Rich build tool support

The build tools sbt, Gradle, Maven and Mill are supported thanks to BloopHot incremental compilation in the Bloop build server ensures compile errors appear as quickly as possible.

Goto definition

Jump to symbol definitions in your project sources and Scala/Java library dependencies.


Explore new library APIs, implement interfaces, generate exhaustive matches and more.

Hover (aka. type at point)

See the expression type and symbol signature under the cursor.

Signature help (aka. parameter hints)

View a method signature and method overloads as you fill in the arguments.

Find symbol references

Find all usages of a symbol in the workspace.

Fuzzy symbol search

Search for symbols in the workspace or library dependencies.

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