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Metals v0.9.7 - Lithium

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We're happy to announce the release of Metals v0.9.7, which introduces the support for the newest Scala 3 milestone, 3.0.0-M2.

Commits since last release17
Merged PRs7
Closed issues3
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For full details:

Metals is a language server for Scala that works with VS Code, Vim, Emacs, Sublime Text, Atom and Eclipse. Metals is developed at the Scala Center and VirtusLab with the help from Lunatech along with contributors from the community.


Check out, and give Metals a try!

  • Scala 3.0.0-M2 support


  • Don't add semanticDB plugin for Scala 2.10 when using sbt BSP.
  • Autocomplete empty scaladoc if nothing is defined afterwards.


Big thanks to everybody who contributed to this release or reported an issue!

$ git shortlog -sn --no-merges v0.9.6..v0.9.7
Tomasz Godzik
Chris Kipp
Bjorn Regnell
Ethan Atkins
Rikito Taniguchi

Merged PRs

v0.9.7 (2020-11-26)

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